Jeff Bezos talks about the future of the ambitious Blue Origins and Amazon

Джефф Безос говорит об амбициозном будущем Blue Origins и Amazon

While the company SpaceX, owned by Elon musk continues to develop new technologies to reuse rockets and rocket engines of the type that Amazon intends to capture a segment associated with the study of the moon and its use as an industrial centre. This statement was made today by Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, who noted that the project of the company relates primarily to full-scale use of the moon as the chief of industrial-technical complex, which would put the necessary resources on the Ground, thus eliminating it from excess factors harmful to the environment.

It is worth noting that this project seems rather unusual and hard to enforce, however, in comparison with the ambitions and goals of SpaceX, Amazon on this subject very, very clear priorities, achievable nature to build a stable and secure way to the moon and associate it with all the space stations and crossroads, including the ISS. About Bezos also said during the conference, International space development last Friday.

Sharing some details and information with Geekwire in an interview, Jeff Bezos indicated that a separate team Amazon is looking for cooperation with NASA in its quest to build on the moon a real space industrial base. And according to preliminary rumors, the team is already working in this direction, so you can soon expect more news of this type.

However, the most realistic goal of the company Blue Origin, Amazon will be the search for optimal ways to reduce complexity and cost of delivering space cargo – because that’s what the team was originally. It should be noted that in the case if Blue Origin will still be able to get support and help NASA in this project, SpaceX in the near future may appear really strong and visible competitor – even though Amazon says that no competition she’s not going to do.

Джефф Безос говорит об амбициозном будущем Blue Origins и Amazon

Джефф Безос говорит об амбициозном будущем Blue Origins и Amazon

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