Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez: a love story of the famous couple

Дженнифер Лопес и Алекс Родригес: история любви знаменитой пары

Hollywood couple, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, just got engaged! Two years of happy relationship, a great support and living together have become a good Foundation for a new family. And though this is not the first marriage for each of them, but their love story really deserves special admiration.

Despite the age difference, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez – the singer of 49 years, and the baseball player is a 43 – pair has a special relationship and constantly reminded about their feelings on social networks and in real life. Each of them have their own children and a difficult life journey, but the overall principles and priorities in life brought them together and eventually formed their own family.

Love story Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

Lovers the athlete and the actress met 14 years ago, in 2005, but the novel is spun only in the winter of 2017. In the first joint interview for the famous edition of Vanity Fair, Jennifer and Alex pointed out that if I started Dating at the beginning of their acquaintance, it is unlikely that they would turn out.

Therefore, their first date took place at a restaurant in Los Angeles. Then the conversation somehow did not go well, and do not yet love each other star had no plans for the future together.

Дженнифер Лопес и Алекс Родригес: история любви знаменитой пары

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez at the MTV Video Music Awards 2018 / Getty Images

“He was so talkative! I thought I would talk a lot, but I just listened. And he talked about plans, about retirement from baseball about how wanted to marry again, – about the things on the first date usually do not discuss,” he shared in an interview with Lopez.

However, at some point, Lopez had told him he wasn’t seeing anyone. And then he suddenly decided to take matters into their own hands. He went to the toilet, picked up some courage and sent her a message that changed the course of the date and of all future relations.

It said, “You’re so incredibly sexy”. Immediately after that the fire alarm went off and we had to evacuate,
recalls Lopez.

4 Feb social networks Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez congratulated each other with the second anniversary of relations, because it can be argued that the pair officially started a relationship 4 Feb 2017. After several informal outputs together, and subsequently have their joint appearances at social events and sharing images in social networks, ex-girlfriend of Alex Rodriguez said in June 2017 that the athlete actually changes Lopez and what still talks to her on intimate topics.

“I don’t think he is attracted to her sexually. In bed with j-Lo it might just be me. She’s an idiot if he thinks that he will be faithful to her!”, – reporters Lauren hunter, adding that then the man had any serious intentions towards Jennifer. He still continued to call for a meeting of the ex-girlfriend and called her in the middle of the night.

Travel, sports and social events

True or not, but the relationship of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez since then has not changed. Couple willing to attend social events together, where each time expressed admiration for each other. Their style, the fire in his eyes and a happy smile immediately become the center of attention all paparazzi on every event. Alex is photographed each time, along with sweetheart, but realizes that she is more a public person than he is, therefore, a gentleman leaves her alone in front of the cameras, so she had enough self photo for the famous gloss.

Дженнифер Лопес и Алекс Родригес: история любви знаменитой пары

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez on the 2018 Met Gala / Getty Images

The pair also travels frequently – both alone and with their children, which, together now they have four. Family mostly likes hot edge, making them often can be seen near the ocean between the palm trees. Loving couple spend time together on family holidays, giving each other touching gifts.

Дженнифер Лопес и Алекс Родригес: история любви знаменитой пары

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez with children / Instagram / @arod

In addition, the pair willingly spends time in the gym. According to Alexa, workout in a gym is the best way to relieve stress.

Frantic schedule means a mad watch, but we never miss a workout. So look our workout of the upper body. J. Lo and I had a good workout last night
– told the man in one of his Instagram messages.

Sam, Alex Rodriguez has also said repeatedly that he admires his lover, because persistent classes are helping her to be in such great shape: “She very rarely drink alcohol, try to sleep at least eight hours. All this helps her to be beautiful.”

Common property

In March 2018, the year, the media had spread the news that Jennifer Lopez with her boyfriend acquired joint apartment for $ 15 million. Luxury apartments in new York, they found yourself in a luxury penthouse located in the highest residential skyscraper of new York on the famous Park Avenue. As you know, this estate was a gift from her beloved Lopez. But I was happy with the apartment they lived. In early 2019, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez announced the sale of their family nest, as for certain reasons it does not suit them.

A possible reason for the sale of the estate was the first joint purchase a pair of new home. In early 2019, it became known that J. Lo and Alex got a new luxurious property, worth $ 6.6 million. The house is located on the Pacific ocean in Malibu.

Rumors about the engagement

Back in July of 2018, the network appeared the first rumors of a secret engagement to Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. First started talking about this when the couple was vacationing on independence Day on the beach and singer, shone on the ring finger of the left hand a new ring. But later during the radio Cubby and Carolina in the Morning celebrity denied rumors of a secret engagement: “I’m not engaged. No, no.” Then Jennifer told me that not only is pleased that the baseball player became a part of her family and a caring father for her twins, but believes that he made it just in time.

I think if we’d met in 20 years, maybe we wouldn’t be together, because both are too crazy. But now, in this period of our lives where we both have children, we have reached a certain goal in your career, we really complement each other,
– told Jennifer Lopez.

Дженнифер Лопес и Алекс Родригес: история любви знаменитой пары

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez to Oscar-2019 / Getty Images

Their last joint release was held the ceremony of the Oscar-2019. The event, which was held in Los Angeles on 24 February, brought together all the most famous Hollywood stars, including Lopez and Regresa. Traditionally, the lovers are not shy to show their tender feelings to each other and demonstrated an incredible pair.

And on March 10 the couple told the world that they will become spouses! J. Lo and Alex went to the Bahamas on the eve of International women’s day, where he gave her an unexpected surprise in the form of recognition. Jennifer Lopez has shared joyful news with their fans in Instagram, post a photo with “Emoji” in the form of several hearts. While the baseball player has posted similar photos to a lover with a ring on the ring finger with the words: “She said Yes. Expert jewelry Katherine Mani have appreciated the ring, which got Jennifer Lopez. According to her, it is made of white gold or platinum, and the size of the diamond is 12 carats. Approximate price for this ring is $ 4.5 million.

Дженнифер Лопес и Алекс Родригес: история любви знаменитой пары

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez engaged / Instagram / @jlo

Personal life of Jennifer Lopez

That Jennifer that Alex has his own kids from a previous relationship. American actress and singer marriage with Rodriguez will be the fourth, and the proposal of marriage – already the sixth! At first marriage, J. Lo was with the waiter ohani of Noah, but it did not last long – only 1 year from 1997 to 1998. In 1999, she began a romantic relationship with rapper and producer Sean Combs. However, in the same year, the couple with two other people detained in connection with the shooting at the club on times square in new York, but j-Lo was subsequently acquitted in the case.

After parting ways with Combs, incendiary, Lopez started Dating dancer Chris Judd, with whom also were married from September 2001 to June 2002. Immediately after the second divorce, she started Dating actor Ben Affleck, and even in November 2002, the couple announced their engagement. At the same time the Hollywood pair became one of the most popular in Hollywood, called the common word, which consisted of the names of the stars – Bennifer. Just a day before their wedding – September 14, 2003 – the event for unknown reasons was canceled.

Дженнифер Лопес и Алекс Родригес: история любви знаменитой пары

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony in 2010 in Las Vegas / Getty Images

Soon after breaking up with Hollywood handsome Affleck, the star began to meet with his friend, singer Marc Anthony. For her, these relationships turned out to be the third marriage (5 June 2004) and the birth of two children-twins in February 2008 – a son, max (Maximillian David) and daughter Amy (Emma Maribel). Interestingly, the wedding of Jennifer and mark played only a week after the official divorce Anthony with his first wife, Dayanara Torres. In July 2011 the couple announced their intention to divorce, which officially occurred in June 2014.

During the entire divorce process, Jennifer Lopez didn’t waste any time, and from 2011 to 2014 was Dating dancer Casper SmarTeam. After a year break, they reunited in 2015. But in August of 2016 they permanently broke up, remained close friends. The last hurrah before the relationship with Alex Rodriguez j-Lo was with rapper Drake – from December 2016 to February 2017. And in February she started a happy relationship with her current partner and fiancé – a businessman and baseball player Alex Rodriguez.

Personal life Alex Rodriguez

About life behind the scenes of today’s partner j-Lo is little known. In the first marriage with Cynthia Scurtis, which lasted from 2002 to 2008, he had two girls: Natasha Alexander Rodriguez (2004) and Ella Alexander Rodriguez (2008).

Дженнифер Лопес и Алекс Родригес: история любви знаменитой пары

Alex Rodriguez’s daughters Natasha and Ella / Instagram / @arod

Since then, Alex had a relationship with Lauren hunter, as well as the possible hidden relations with the ex-wife of baseball player josé Canseco – Jessica. After the news about the engagement of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez 54-year-old baseball player said that the newly-fiance cheated with his ex second wife.