Jeremy Corbyn: the plan may need to reject

Джереми Корбин: план Мэй нужно отвергнуть

REUTERS/Pedro Nunes

The historic vote on the draft agreement on the terms of a British exit from the European Union remains four days. Theresa may calls his optimal conditions, but critics on both the right and the left call them unacceptable.

Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the main opposition, the labour party, told Euronews about his attitude to the plan may:

“The process is, on Tuesday, voting will take place. I hope that the government’s proposal will be rejected. But in this case we have a problem. We will have a government only formally, without real power, because it will lose the majority in the House of Commons. Need, literally, for several days to hold new negotiations with the EU, and then present the new agreement to Parliament. Or the government will have to admit that it is unable to perform his duties, and then it will be necessary either to choose a new government or call early elections.”

Most of the objection the paragraph on the preservation of the existing customs regime in Northern Ireland which, under the terms of the agreement can be canceled only with the consent of the EU.

Euronews: Can you guarantee that special treatment for Northern Ireland will not be in your version of the agreement?

Jeremy Corbyn: At least, there is no such regime, which we are not able to cancel.

But then it will be a completely different mode…

That’s it. __We need to reach agreement on the customs Union with the EU on such terms, which would give us the right to vote, and would also guarantee an acceptable level of trade.

A negative attitude to the draft agreement of the Northern Ireland Democratic unionist party, member of the ruling coalition, questioned the fact that it is approved by a majority of deputies on 11 December.

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