Jerry Heil introduced the song VEGAN for the national selection Eurovision-2020

One of the favorites of the national selection presented the long-awaited VEGAN track, which is planning to conquer the musical Olympus international competition. Jerry Heil has released a lyric video for the English popsong.

To the first semi-final of the national selection Eurovision-2020 just a few days. The singer, who will appear on stage the second is the 8th of February, published the long-awaited track VEGAN. His song star is eager to show the world that the Ukrainian nation is tolerant and ready to support not only global trends but also to dictate their own.

Jerry Heil admitted that he wrote the single specifically for participation in the Eurovision song contest two months before VOGUE UKRAINE announced that 2020 was officially recognized a year of vegan.

The singer is convinced that such coincidences are not accidental and are a major forecast for the victory. She explained that the Eurovision song contest for her not just a musical duel, and the way of communication with the international community.

For me as a man who sends his valuable text of the participant-winner, the competition is a means of communication with other peoples. And I so wanted always to show that of our mentality, there are many stereotypes and many of them are not true! We are stylish, we are open, we are tolerant and we still keep up with the times! That’s the whole idea of my track and rooms at the Eurovision song contest,
– said Jerry Heil.

Listen to the song for the national selection Eurovision-2020 from Jerry Heil – VEGAN

We will remind that earlier the singer showed a fragment of the song prepares for the national selection Eurovision-2020. Then she assured us that not so long ago easily eat meat, but now decided to become a vegetarian. In society relate differently to the people that drew the attention of Jerry Heil.

“There is a perception among many people the “traditional” food (remember that I was two years ago, quietly eating meat, moreover, I come from a family of butchers) that vegans are aggressive: attack people who eat meat dishes, with arguments about vegetarianism, which no one asked. I don’t know… I have not seen such. There was also another case where the seller vegan sweets (notice the emphasis) in my town told me that the man is a predator. And I didn’t really ask, but just wanted raw candy,” shared Jerry Heil.