Jerusalem: back in time…

Иерусалим: назад в прошлое...

Irina Aleksandrova
and AFP, RWS

Tour “Virtual reality” opens the opportunity for the visitors to Jerusalem to see the city as it was two thousand years ago. The program was created by Australian start-up with the assistance of archaeologists from the Department of antiquities of Israel. This is how ancient Jerusalem scientists carefully studied the historical and cultural monuments.

Eiad Haddad, the guide:

“I have the wonderful opportunity to work with groups at archaeological sites. Usually I always ask the tourists to use your imagination. We have to do to understand the past. With offer visitors the device is much easier – the experts have already handled for us with all available information. Usually we see all this, as it is now. And with these glasses I feel like we are swinging in the past and we can enjoy the original appearance of objects.”

The tour is called “Dive into history”. High-tech time travel lasts about two hours. Viewing virtual copies of Jerusalem, palaces, fortresses and temples of the period of king Herod, tourists are in admiration .

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