JK Rowling won coronavirus exercises for breathing: there was a video

Джоан Роулинг победила коронавирус упражнениями для дыхания: появилось видео

British writer, the author of the Saga “Harry Potter” JK Rowling has admitted that he won coronavirus. According to her, helped her in this special breathing exercises from a doctor of the Royal hospital Sarfaraz Munshi.

Related video she shared on his Twitter page, noting that to read it advised her husband.

“Please watch this video from the Royal hospital to learn how to alleviate respiratory symptoms. The last two weeks I have had all the symptoms СOVID-19 (although not been tested). I did this on the advice of her husband-doctor and fully recovered. Technique really helped,” writes Rowling.

In the video the medic Munshi explains that the coronavirus is necessary to human lungs work as well as possible and supply oxygen to the body.

He argues that the only way to achieve this is by special breathing exercises. In this case it must be done from the first day, as soon as the symptoms of the disease. However, if a person begins to exercise, being healthy, it also have a beneficial effect on him. In particular, he seems to suggests the following manipulation.

1. Sit up straight. Take a deep breath and hold your breath for five seconds. Exhale. The exhalation should take about the same time as breath. Repeat five times.

On the sixth time take a deep breath, hold your breath for five seconds, and now not just exhale, and exhale, much cough with the sound “haaaaa” in a napkin or cloth. Such a combination should be repeated twice.

2. Lie down on your stomach, removing a pillow, and a ten minute lie down and breathe a little deeper than usual. It is necessary to repeat regularly.

Also, the doctor advises not to lie on your back, if there are indications that the person is sick. Indeed, in this position the pressure on the lungs that are not fully revealed and begins to suffer.