Job search in crisis: what you need to know, not to miscalculate

Поиск работы в кризис: что нужно знать, чтобы не прогадать

Because of the pandemic and quarantine more than 25 million people worldwide lost their jobs. In Ukraine, according to various estimates, remained unemployed up to 700 thousand people. Someone else cut wages. In any case, the results of a survey of Ukrainian employers in early may, KPMG, 35% of respondents planned to reduce for the subordinates wage.

All this is forcing people to find jobs and look for new places for earnings. Moreover, experts advise job seekers not to despair, but to actively apply for jobs in their field or related.

What we must understand when seeking employment in a difficult time

Received any human education gives him a lot of opportunities. So, the translator of a foreign language can earn not only written and oral translations (simultaneous interpreter), but:

  • teaching;
  • tutoring;
  • copywriting – foreign publications are always interested in talented freelance professionals who will competently write for them articles of interest.

Some people with education interpreter job in companies specializing in organizing tours for foreign groups and delegations, others are coordinators for education abroad. Also the translator can work at the Embassy or in an international company, for example, the Manager on foreign trade activities.

Of course, choosing one or the other direction, it is necessary to pump or even to acquire new skills (to understand the record keeping, pedagogy, to understand the art of negotiation, etc.), but in the future the efforts will pay off.

The main thing for any candidate

To get a good job, you need to:

  • Know how to compose a resume to highlight your experience and strengths. So, not the company in which the person has worked a certain period of time, and his achievements at the work place and how they will be displayed on its status and wealth. For example, man has created and systematized a huge base of clients that simplified the work of the whole Department. And maybe every month showed an increase of their performance and accordingly, increase profit of the enterprise, etc.
  • To be able to sell yourself. Any employer interested in the fact that his team was only strong professionals. Those who do not just occupy a position and working on the result, trying to benefit his firm. If you prove that you are one of those people, you know its value and know what it is that can help the company, most likely, the recruiter will prefer you to other candidates.

Finally, never stop improving their knowledge and skills. You can and should read books, business publications in their field, attend trainings, watch videos, webinars experts in their field. Eychary and did suggest even people who have work every six months to find jobs in the specialty and to examine the requirements of employers. This will allow you to understand what skills need to improve to always be in demand.

What else you need to consider: the recommendations of the recruiters

The recruiters also recommend:

  • Treat the job search as the job itself. That is, every day from 9.00 to 18.00 to browse jobs and send feedback.
  • To use the rule “letter-call-letter.” It boils down to in a day or two after sending a resume call HR and make sure he received your response. And after the call to send another letter of thanks for phone conversation and a request to keep you up to date regarding the desired position. Perseverance and interpersonal skills in some areas are only for the benefit of the applicant.

And, most importantly, the right attitude to the crisis. For many people, this period of difficulties, but there are those who call it a time of new possibilities. It is only important to notice those and to be able to use to their advantage.