Jobs gave some details about a new multiplayer game by “Alien”

Вакансии выдали некоторые подробности о новой мультиплеерной игре по «Чужому»

The gaming division of the Corporation is now preparing a multiplayer shooter on motives of a “Foreign” for home platforms. A developer performs Studio Cold Iron, which published the list of vacancies on their website – there reveals some nuggets of information about the game.

Here is what is mentioned in the description of the job duties:

• Unreal Engine 4.

• Support for next-generation consoles.

• In-game services authentication, chat, and marketplace.

• Long-term retention style gaming services.

• RPG elements that convey a sense of progress.

• Crafting and loot.

• Class system.

• The combat system, which build on principles of action games, shooters and MMORPGs.

• The plot and timing of events.

Cold Iron is looking for a wide variety of specialists: producers, artists, animators, engineers, designers, testers and so on. People recruited for an unnamed AAA game about someone else – the company says about this in his “Twitter”.

And once the team continue to Fund key personnel, it is likely that the release will be not soon.