Johann Sebastian Bach – who he is and how to play the new Doodle from Google

Иоганн Себастьян Бах – кто он такой и как играть в новый дудл от Google

Doodles from Google is known for a large number of Internet users: interactive elements are confined to outstanding dates and events, changing the logo on the main page the search giant. Today, the company has decided to withdraw the possibility of familiar images to a new level thanks to the possibilities of artificial intelligence.

For two days, March 21 and 22, users will be able to experience the profession of composer using the original Doodle, which is based on artificial intelligence algorithms, “trained” on the works of Bach.

Who is Johann Sebastian Bach: a brief biography. It is a German composer, organist, harpsichordist and violinist. The greater part of his life he worked at the Church, and his creative pursuits are closely connected with the Lutheran tradition.

For the 50-year period of creativity only within 5 years interests of Bach focused on secular music. Bach was one of the best performers on the organ at the time and created this tool works, which became the pinnacle of the development of organ literature.

Johann Bach worked in almost all musical genres, but bypassed leading genre of his time – Opera. The composer with his deep storehouse of thought, far from just superficial and entertainment, court Opera was completely alien.

Johann Sebastian Bach “Well-tempered clavier” listen to the song

The most famous works of the composer: “the Well-tempered clavier” (1722-44), the Mass in b minor (CA. 1749), “John Passion” (1724), “Passion for” St. Matthew (1727 or 1729), more than 200 spiritual and secular cantatas, instrumental concertos, and numerous works for organ and other.

By the way, today marks 334 years from the date of birth of the great German composer. It is for this reason, Google created an interactive Doodle in his honor.

His childhood and youth. Johann Sebastian Bach was born on March 21 (old style March 31) 1685 in the German city of Eisenach. The boy became the youngest, the eighth child in a family of professional musician Johann Ambrosius Bach. The Bach family of five generations of musicians. The researchers counted about fifty relatives of Johann Sebastian, who connected the life with music. Among them, the great-grandfather of the composer’s faith Bach, the Baker, who always wore a zither – a stringed musical instrument in the form of a box.


Иоганн Себастьян Бах – кто он такой и как играть в новый дудл от Google

                                            Johann Sebastian Bach in my childhood

The head of the family of Ambrosius Bach played in the churches on the violin and organized secular concerts, so the first music lessons to the youngest son he gave. Johann Bach from an early age sang in the choir and happy father’s abilities and desire for musical knowledge.

At the age of 15 Johann Bach became independent: he got a job in lüneburg and brilliantly graduated from the vocal gymnasium, opening a path to University. But poverty and the need to earn a livelihood have put a fat point in the education of the future composer.

In lüneburg curiosity prompted Bach to travel: he travelled to Hamburg, Celle and Lubeck, where he became acquainted with the works of famous musicians of Rankine and Georg böhm.

Private life of Johann Sebastian Bach. In October 1707 Johann Sebastian Bach married a young cousin from Arnstadt, Maria Barbara. The couple had seven children, but three died in childhood. Three sons – Wilhelm Friedemann, Carl Philip Emanuel and Johann Christian, has followed his father’s footsteps and became famous musicians and composers.

In the summer of 1720, when Bach Johann Prince of Anhalt-Kothen was abroad, Maria Barbara died, leaving four children.


Иоганн Себастьян Бах – кто он такой и как играть в новый дудл от Google

                                 Johann Sebastian Bach’s wife Anna Magdalena Wilcke

The personal life of the composer was adjusted through the year: at the court of Duke Bach became acquainted with a young beautiful and talented singer Anna Magdalena Wilcke. Johann married Anna in December 1721. They had 13 children, but survived his father only nine of them.

In the elderly family for the composer was the only consolation. For his wife and children Johann Bach wrote vocal ensembles, arranged chamber music concerts, enjoying the songs of his wife (Anna Bach had a beautiful soprano voice) and playing the older sons.

The fate of his wife and the youngest daughter of Johann Bach developed sad. Anna Magdalena died ten years later in the house of contempt for the poor, and the youngest daughter Regina led a meager existence. In the last years of his life the woman helped Ludwig van Beethoven.


Иоганн Себастьян Бах – кто он такой и как играть в новый дудл от Google

Family Of Johann Sebastian Bach

The last years of his life Johann Sebastian Bach. In the last 5 years of the life of Johann Bach’s eyesight was rapidly deteriorating, but the composer wrote the music, dictating works son-in-law.

In 1750 in Leipzig came the British ophthalmologist John Taylor. The reputation of the doctor is difficult to call it flawless, but Bach clung to the straw and took a chance. After surgery vision is not returned to the musician. Taylor in the second-operated of the composer, but after a brief improvement in vision was deteriorating.

18 July 1750, had a stroke and on 28 July 65-year-old Johann Bach died.

Features Doodle from Google and how to play the game. The Doodle feature is its ability to adapt a simple explanation from the user of musical notation in the full melody in the style of the famous musical virtuoso.

After placing the notes on the virtual paper (regardless of musical ability of the user) a simple press of a button turns the entry in four-part polyphonic composition.

Features from Google Doodle birthday of Johann Sebastian Bach – watch the video

For “decoding” music meets artificial intelligence Google created by Google Magenta. To teach artificial intelligence is a difficult profession of a musician, the engineers conducted its preliminary study using 306 compositions of Bach, the style of execution is well structured.

Depending on the proposed program of “musical notation” she selects the most appropriate pattern and reproduces the processed ringtone directly in the browser without having to access the remote server. After creating a song, users can change the tempo and key, edit notes, and if you want to download created audio track or share the link with friends on its reproduction.

The secrets of the game. No cost interactive entertainment and no kind of Easter eggs, if you click on the special lever on the right side of the window, Doodle, the interface and sound of the melody switches to the electronic music of the 1980s.

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