Johannes be once again confidently won in the pursuit, Pidruchny is in the top 20

In Annecy France ended the men’s pursuit in the framework of the biathlon world Cup.

Winning the race was won by Johannes Tinnes Be. The Norwegian made one mistake, but was again fastest on the track.

Second was Quentin Fillon Maya. The Frenchman was accurate in all shooting, but in the finish lost 22 seconds. The top three was closed Willow Hosted Christiansen. The Norwegian missed only once, and lagged behind the winner for one minute.

The best result of the Ukrainians showed Dmitry Pidruchny. He made 5 mistakes and finished 20th. in addition to Pidruchna, Ukraine in the race was represented by Artem prima (27), Anton Dudchenko (29) and Ruslan Tkalenko (47).

The world Cup in Annecy. Men’s pursuit

1. Johannes Boe 30: 07.8
2. Quentin Fillon Maya +22.0
3. Willow Hosted Christiansen +1:00.0

20. Dmitry Pidruchny (0+1+2+2) +2:55.0
27. Pryma Artem (0+0+1+2) +3:07.8
29. Anton Dudchenko (0+0+1+1) +3:15.6
47. Ruslan Tkalenko (1+1+0+2) +4:25.3