Johannes boe has received the Big crystal globe and four Small, Pidruchny in the top 20

Йоханнес Бё получил Большой хрустальный глобус и четыре Малых, Пидручный в топ-20

Norwegian biathlete garanichev Evgeniy gathered all of the crystal in the framework of the 2018/2019 season.

BAA has confidently won a victory in the overall standings, ahead of Russian Alexander Loginov on 376 points. Third place went to Quentin Fillon Maya.

The assets of BAA are also four Small crystal lobusa. Latest globe the Norwegian received today, winning the mass start.

As for the representatives of Ukraine, the best in overall standings was Dmitry Improvised. Ukrainian – 18th. Have posreal this victory at the world championship in Sweden.

Pryma Artem is located on the 35 line. Sergey Semenov – 54, Artem Tishchenko – 85, Taras lesyuk – 93, Ruslan Tkalenko – 98.

The victory in the overall standings among women was won by Italy’s Dorothea Wierer. In addition, the winners of the Nations Cup teams. In the men’s and women’s competition was not equal Norway.

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