John Romero has postponed the release of fashion for SIGIL of Doom because of the delay the physical editions

Джон Ромеро отложил выход мода SIGIL для Doom из-за задержки физического издания

SIGIL – a fan-made expansion for Doom, on which lint John Romero (John Romero), one of the developers of the first two games of the series. Release SIGIL was planned for February, but earlier the Creator moved the launch to April. Recently Romero shared two news about his creation – the good and the bad.

The good news is that the SIGIL is ready to be issued. That’s just production of the physical edition Beast Box difficulties, and Romero may not release a digital version early collectible. Kits will begin to distribute to customers during the first week of may. The Network was also the mod will appear in seven days.

Recall that the SIGIL should be out in two bundles – standard and Beast Box. The latter includes, among other things, a coin and a statue in the form of the head of Romero, impaled on a spike – with these items and the related delay. To see the composition of both “kollektsionok” in the news.

Spend money on a SIGIL you don’t have to – for the money, sold only limited physical edition and digital the addon will be distributed free of charge.