Johnson has called the pandemic a “catastrophe” for Britain

Джонсон назвал пандемию "катастрофой" для Великобритании

Crisis because coronavirus has plunged the country into shock, the Prime Minister said and added that the time has come “Roosevelt approach” to the economy.

Coronavirus crisis was a disaster for the UK. This was stated by the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, reports Reuters Monday, June 29.

“It was a disaster. Let’s not belittle our words, I mean that it was an absolute nightmare for the country, and the country experienced a deep shock,” said Johnson in an interview with Radio Times.

The Prime Minister assured that the government is investigating “what went wrong and when.”

“I understand it completely and we’ll do it,” – said Johnson, adding that now is not the moment for investigation.

According to Johnson, it is time for “Roosevelt approach” to the UK. The Prime Minister has in mind a program the former President of the USA in the 1930-ies. He promised investment in infrastructure and education, and technology to restore the economy.

Despite the gloomy economic Outlook, Johnson said a return to a strict reduction policy of the previous conservative governments, which since 2010 has reduced expenditure in an attempt to reduce the national debt.

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