Johnson offers the EU to abandon the “backstop”

Джонсон предлагает ЕС отказаться от "бэкстопа"

Prime Minister Boris Johnson appealed to the President of the European Council Donald Tusk with a proposal to revise the provisions agreed between the EU and the government of Theresa may agreement “Brucite” in the part that touches the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

It is reported that in a letter to Tusk Johnson calls a temporary solution, which should prevent the establishment of rigid boundaries between the EU member Ireland and British Northern Ireland after the “Brekzita” (“backstop”), “anti-democratic” and said that it was “incompatible with the sovereignty of the United Kingdom as a state.”

According to Johnson, “backstop” will cause the UK to continue to adhere to the rules of the European customs Union. And this, in turn, according to the head of the British government, is incompatible with the desire of great Britain to build a stable long-term relations with the EU. “Despite the fact that we continue to apply world standards to first-class products and labor conditions, laws and rules of their application may differ from those in the EU, – said Johnson. – This explains our desire to leave the EU, and our ability to carry out this intention is Central to all of our future democracy.”

Instead of “backstop” Johnson offers to legally oblige the UK and the EU to abandon border controls on the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. Until the end of the transition period will be taken of alternative agreements that will be in the future part of the future trade agreement between the EU and Britania make “backstop” unnecessary, says Johnson.