Johnson: “wrong brakcet”

Джонсон: "неправильный брексит"

A new blow to the Cabinet of British Prime Minister Theresa may. The resignation of transport Minister Joe Johnson. “Wrong brakcet” the reason – said the younger brother of former foreign Minister Boris Johnson.

“We are moving into a completely chaotic “broksita”. According to its results, we will become vassals of the EU and will be deprived of the opportunity to influence the rules that control important sectors of our economy. This is completely unacceptable. It is not in the interest of our democracy that we are so proud of,” he said.

In particular, Johnson opposes the possible concessions to Brussels on the Irish question.

“The gap between what we were promised before the referendum and now offers on the Prime Minister, is so great that I see no other option and forced to resign,” said Johnson.

Earlier, Prime Minister of Ireland, Leo Varadkar, said that Brussels and London are close to agreeing terms of a British exit from the EU.

“It’s a critical moment. The success of the negotiations is not guaranteed, but possible in the coming weeks,” he said.

The border of the two Irelands — still the burning question of “breccia”. At least a dozen British Ministers oppose the EU proposals to keep Northern Ireland as part of a common market and customs area. In this case, before Britain’s withdrawal from the Union is only five months.

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