“Joking aside! It can start very soon”: Zelensky warned about the troubles

«Шутки в сторону! Все может начаться очень скоро»: Зеленского предупредили о неприятностях

Popular in the Ukrainian state military expert Alexey arestovich on his page in social network “Facebook” commented on the situation in the Donbass, noting that once again, thundering attacks, which killed military.

And this is all according to Arestovich, called “truce,” reports replyua.net.

The military expert said: “I to you one clever a thing will tell, only… in General I would say. It will be called “truce”, till meeting in the “Norman format.” And, as far as we know, such a meeting was scheduled for the second half of September. And before this meeting, apparently, anyway, there will be another one with trump. Only after these two meetings will be clear to everyone, like building a bridge – along or across, and in what direction the new team will deploy the ship “Ukraine”.

At the same time arestovich said, “by the beginning of October, the level of dissatisfaction with what is happening at the front, will grow critical. This can be observed in the army, including veterans and their support of the society. One of the main critical points will be on 24 August, namely, the two parade on Independence Day. Protest potential among veterans already not small, we are talking about thousands of people who are willing to participate in the alternative presidential the March of Dignity. But that’s not all, as there is one hidden caveat – as you get closer to this most negotiations, the number of attacks will only increase. Now imagine that the meeting with trump in Norman format in addition will lead to significant concessions by Ukraine. This means that very angry protests could begin as early as October-November. Angry protests, synchronized dissatisfaction among the personnel of the Armed Forces and other military formations, this is no joke. It is a systemic factor that blends in systemic risk”.