Jorge Carrascal might go to Dynamo or Shakhtar, he almost had a leg amputated

Хорхе Карраскаль мог перейти в "Динамо" или "Шахтер", ему чуть не ампутировали ногу

The Colombian midfielder “river plate” Jorge Carrascal, whose rights belong to Lviv “Karpaty”, could be in Dynamo or Shakhtar. Although the result of an accident, the player was able to prematurely finish his career.

In January 2019, Jorge Carrascal on loan moved to “river plate”, while 21-year-old attacking midfielder could remain in Ukraine, but to go to Dynamo or Shakhtar. About this the player himself told in an interview С

“There were negotiations with “Shakhtar” and “Dynamo”. When I heard about the interest from the “river plate”, I thought that I am joking. At the time I watched the finals of the Copa Libertadores against “Boki Juniors” and could not believe it,” said Carrascal.

But it is worth noting that the player was close to prematurely end a career. All because of an accident that could lead to disability. Carrascal injured meniscus in his right knee. In one of the exercises the player felt dizzy and nausea.

“I asked my mom to take me to the clinic. Foot was infected. They found some kind of virus or infection. Then the doctor said that if I brought a few days later, maybe I would have had to amputate his leg. I was lucky,” said Carrascal.

It should be noted that Carrascal stands for “river plate” on loan. Her time – until the end of 2019. Where will continue career of the football player then – return di to “Karpaty” or buy “river plate” is still unknown. This season the midfielder has only played in two games, but scored a goal.