Journalist forum in Israel: Zelensky guessed about the insidious plans of Putin

Журналист о форуме в Израиле: Зеленский догадался о коварных планах Путина

In Israel, going on the fact the Normandy format. This in an exclusive interview to the correspondent of the Internet publication Ukraine news – From-UA told journalist Alex Kaftan.

Commenting on the refusal Zelensky to attend the forum in Israel, our interlocutor said the following: “let’s Start with the fact that with the exception of Merkel, instead, which was attended by the President of Germany, Federal President, author of the infamous formula Steinmeier Frank-Walter Steinmeier. You can say that the Israel was going on the fact the Normandy format. The question is, why are they going and where was to be the meeting of two Vladimir Zelensky with Putin.”

“The meeting allegedly did was not planned, then went to messages from the Russian side that the meeting, she discussed. From our side was the refutation, then confusion, then a pause. Again, in the end, denial. It is curious that, apparently, the possibility of a meeting was discussed, and it is possible that it has been discussed during the stay Zelensky in Oman, but apparently, something did not grow together,” added the journalist.

According to our interlocutor, may be the moment that Putin peace means surrender in Ukraine, and Zelensky does not mean. On the one hand. On the other hand, from a purely media point of view we must consider that team Zelensky is a media first and foremost. So from a media point of view we can mention a few points.

“The first moment. For the head of state Jewish population, which was among the victims during the Second world war, not to give him the word on the event was strange. On the other hand, you need to keep in mind that refused to go at the Polish President Andrzej Duda, who likewise was not given the floor. You need to remember that all this action was happening on the money of Russian oligarch Mr Carter, who very inner circle of Vladimir Putin, accordingly, this view can be considered in the preparation of a media campaign which will have two clicks – may 9 and June 22. Accordingly, from this perspective, we can understand the logic of the statements of Putin,” says Alexei Kaftan.

According to international journalist, is not only the imposition of the Russian-Soviet tradition, features the history of the Second world war in the post-Soviet space, but also outside it.

“This is an attempt to renegotiate the Yalta agreements, it is possible to remember that the guarantor must be the five nuclear-weapon States, that is, the members of the UN security Council. That is Putin offers a new Yalta, and on this background nothing was supposed to outshine those proposals. And the extras were very desirable, in particular, statisticians from Ukraine and Poland. So Zelensky, I believe, went very well. I understand that maybe it was a spontaneous decision, the decision turned out to be beautiful. He really made uncomfortable receiving party and has not allowed itself to be used actually in the ideological campaign of Putin”, – summed Alexei Kaftan.