Journalists of the Central TV channel found out where they grow the most delicious cherries (video)

Журналисты центрального телеканала выясняли, где выращивают самую вкусную черешню (видео)

The price of strawberries and cherries this year, a record high. All because of spring frosts, farmers say: all fruit bad ugly. Most went to the berries. TSN visited cherry gardens and markets in different cities of Ukraine. Of course, the journalists did not escape and Melitopol cherry capital of Ukraine. They not only showed how to collect Melitopol nurse, but also sell in other cities of our country. Here Melitopol sweet cherry love and it goes Bang.

If the cherries are from other regions is on the counter, the berries from Melitopol disperse immediately. The price this season that is in Melitopol grade up to 100 UAH per kg. the Reason for this demand, says the seller on the marketplace in Ivano-Frankivsk, understandable – our cherry sweeter and tastier competitors.

By the way, soon in Melitopol will be a traditional festival of the Cherry. Because of the quarantine, its format will be slightly modified. However, the organizers promise that it will be as always interesting, bright, fun and, of course, very tasty.