Journalists showed, in Ukraine from hazardous waste, make “grilled cheese”. VIDEO

Журналисты показали, как в Украине из опасных отходов делают «плавленный сыр». ВИДЕО

In Chernihiv oblast, journalists found a workshop, where practical from the waste to produce a product that is sold in supermarkets under the guise of a popular processed cheese “Friendship”. Moreover, the adulteration sell more than high-quality cheese, write Facts.

The company, which from the waste produce cheese, was discovered by the journalists of TSN. And the head of the Board of the organization of public control over observance of the rights of consumers Vladislav Mironov noted that the normal products from the fake is to distinguish very difficult – very small print on the label write that it is not cheese, and “milk product”.

“This is fraud,” she added.

Meanwhile, Rospotrebsoyuz, check the plant and gave “the producers” six months on elimination of shortcomings and fined for cheating on the marking on 33.4 thousand hryvnia, promising an unscheduled inspection. At the same time, journalists have warned that, probably, in Ukrainian supermarkets still have unsold toxic products masquerading as high quality.