Julia Efremenkova decided to break up with her boyfriend, who took her phone

Юлия Ефременкова решила расстаться с бойфрендом, который отобрал ее телефон

The star of “House-2” was recorded for fans of a video in which she complained of the behavior of the elect.

The relationship between Julia and Efremenkova her black boyfriend Mondesire went wrong for a long time, but recently the pair has reconciled. As it turned out – for a while. In his video Yulia in tears, admitted that the choice took away her phone and locked her in the apartment. Moreover, Mondesir still answered instead of her phone calls, claiming that she can’t speak.

Julia Efremenkova broke up with Mondesire In your instalarme Julia admitted that today they are chosen, planned to fly to the birthday of her friend in Krasnodar, and even Packed. But suddenly between the stars of telestroke there was a scandal. According to the girl, Mondesir behaved very badly, although she got excited. In the end, something happened, what was said above – he locked her in the apartment, taking the phone. She admits that now he was to her “alien.” Its already a former chosen one she wished to find the girl he’s “afraid to offend”.

Newsmir.info want to add that Julia eventually managed to return my phone. To help her came her mother and friend.

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