“Julia floated”: Ex-footballer Savin could “turn the head” Baranovskaya network

«Юлька поплыла»: Экс-футболист Савин мог «вскружить голову» Барановской - сеть

The young people met at the same stage at the awards Crocus Fitness Awards.

No sooner had the celebrity to “go away” after the celebration of the birthday of Sergei Zhukov once again went to the scene. Yesterday she, along with the ex-footballer Yevgeny Savin made leading to the first ever awards ceremony for achievements in the field of healthy lifestyle Crocus Fitness Awards. Together with the invited guests they were awarded the dumbbells to your colleagues that have achieved the best results in the field of sports and fitness.

According to the leader, the evening was quite fun and dynamic, but two of the concert of Diana Arbenina and Emin became real musical gifts to all the guests and a great highlight of the evening. However, according to fans, Baranovskaya will remember not only the winners and great musicians, but also attractive, sports presenter who could “turn the head” of a celebrity.

“She swam,” said the attentive fans. Admirers believe that celebrities should stop grieving for Andrei Arshavin, because the man seems to have found happiness, and is unlikely to return to it.

Ex-football player Evgeny Savin, according to fans, will be a good match for a successful TV presenter, which the fans want the real female happiness.

«Юлька поплыла»: Экс-футболист Савин мог «вскружить голову» Барановской - сеть