Julia Proskuryakova revealed his secret of family happiness

Юлия Проскурякова раскрыла свой секрет семейного счастья

Long term relationship in this pair is that they rarely see each other.

The institution of marriage throughout the world is undergoing a crisis. Romanticized model of “one life – one partner” in an obvious way doesn’t work anymore. Women are having children later and often bring them not with the men, who are biologically the fathers of these children.

However, mass culture continues to sell the idea that to get married and have married only once and for a great love.

In practice, marriage issues often are resolved in divorce, and only a few choose to guest marriage or even an open relationship with more than one partner.

The wife of the famous composer Igor Nikolaev, singer and actress Yulia Proskuryakova told that their marriage was not cloudless from the beginning. According to her, the couple often quarreled, so much so that she left the house, slamming the door.

According to Proskuryakova, it for a few days could leave to a safe place and do not answer calls husband. Later, this practice ceased, and now, according to Yulia, in the family there is complete understanding.

However, the recipe of the longevity of the relationship and Proskuryakova Nikolaev was simple: spouses are just rarely see each other. The composer spends a lot of time on tour, and his wife is studying in high school theater.

My job involves travel so no problems with it. Perhaps the people who live for years side by side, at some point there comes a boiling point. We do this simply can not be.