July 11: what a holiday today – history and traditions

11 июля: какой сегодня праздник - история и традиции

All holidays in different countries and in the Orthodox Church this day..

World population day

According to the United Nations in 1987, the world population was 5 billion people. So the first day was called the Day of five billion. But in 1990, has already called it the world population day and celebrate it every year on July 11. Created to raise awareness about population issues and their relationship with the environment. In 1960, there was reason for serious concern, namely rapid population growth. From 1960 to 1999, the number of people increased more than 2 times, and in October 1999 became the mark of 6 billion In 2007, of the world’s population already 6.7 billion people and continues to grow.

World day of chocolate

For the first time this day came up and held the French in 1995. Is believed that the first chocolate was made by the Aztecs called it “food of the gods”. And then the Spanish conquistadors brought it to Europe and called “black gold”. This chocolate used to be fitter and stronger. A day of chocolate hold different festivals in honor of the holiday, and visits to chocolate factories and bakeries. Here you can not only learn how to make chocolate, but also participate in various competitions, tastings, workshops and exhibitions.

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Orthodox holidays:

  • The transfer of the relics of the martyrs, unmercenaries and Wonderworkers Cyrus and John.
  • St. Sergius and St. Herman, the Valaam miracle workers.
  • The icon of mother of God three hands.

Nettle starting fast

In front of Petrov in the afternoon the youth did not go to bed early and partied till morning and danced. It was believed that whoever finds “Peter’s cross” and pull up this plant by the roots, he will receive a great success, and the root can get rid of misfortunes and bring to put. Also called Nettle before. It is believed that after this day the nettle has no healing properties, so it make different of the workpiece.

Folk omens on July 11

In fact, nettle is very useful. They made salads, soups, fillings for cakes, salted and booze. And infusions of the leaves were able to recover and stop bleeding. The girls used nettles as a cosmetic, reinforcing hair and preventing hair loss.

Name day on this day

Basil Herman, Grigory, Ivan, Joseph, Xenophon, Paul, Sergei.

11 июля: какой сегодня праздник - история и традиции

11 июля: какой сегодня праздник - история и традиции