July 12: the people’s calendar and astrometric

12 июля: народный календарь и астровестник

Today Peter-Paul; “digging” Peter, define what will be Christmas, and the saddle of Pegasus.

Today, the Holy glorious and all-laudable apostles Peter and Paul. The people this summer holiday, which always falls on July 12, called just Peter and Paul, or even shorter – Peter.

Peter ended Petrovsky post, and began the harvest. Solemn just Peter-Paul said the shepherds. In the Carpathian region livestock owners have organized a celebratory bypass (Petrovka) in the pasture. In Ivano-Frankivsk there was an ancient custom to “dig Peter.” The shepherds on pounding square dug grooves so deep that you can omit in their feet. The earth was dumped next to the pile and covered with turf. This land, which served for the table was covered with a cloth and put on it brought from home food and drink. Everyone tried to treat others different Goodies. The Teens were trying “to fall asleep of Peter”, so the hole were under constant surveillance.

The feast of St. Peter and Paul was stripped of the pagan and magical flair Midsummer – it was more a celebration of human labor associated with the land and the beginning of the new harvest. In addition, Peter and Paul were made of barley flour from the new harvest ritual bread and carried it to the Church for dedication. The priest broke Nishiki and received communion like proformae, all present. Thus, women thanked Peter for this short post.

If Peter’s mud, it will be in the summer a lot of dirt. Since St. Peter’s day the heat, at Christmas Claus.

Birthdays today Peter and Paul.

21 lunar day. His symbol is a Pegasus. By the way, Pegasus was born from the body of the killed by Perseus the Gorgon Medusa. I mean, it’s not exactly “carefree” thing. Moreover, very capricious and unpredictable horse. In one ancient myth says that Pegasus was delivered to Zeus on Olympus lightning. However, whatever it was, today is the day of brotherhood, chivalry, honor and responsibility. As expected for the holiday… Be honest and try to be fair even in small things. Any noble impulse of the soul will bear fruit. Going to bed, wish well being for those who have tomorrow starts vacation. And do not envy, because you dream something bad.

According to the Central geophysical Observatory of Ukraine, the coldest this day was in Kiev in 1904 – +to 9.4, and the warmest in 1922 – +35,1.