July 23: the people’s calendar and astrometric

23 июля: народный календарь и астровестник

Today Anthony of the caves; will clear autumn, and winter is lingering and it’s time to forget about the rest

In this day the Church honors the memory of the monk Antonii of Pechersk – religious figure of Kievan Rus, the founder of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, and a man of Holy life. A native St. Anthony of Lyubech in Chernigov. Holy felt the monastic vocation. Made a pilgrimage to Palestine, spent several years on mount Athos, and then returned home. For many years he lived in a dug-out cave. Soon started gathering around him disciples and followers. So slow was born Pechersk monastery, which soon became the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.

In Anthony summer, as the sun gained its greatest strength. Our ancestors were noticed: “the hot July – December will be frosty”; “a Wet summer – autumn sky; the wet summer and warm autumn – long and lingering winter.”

Name day congratulations Anthony, Daniel, Leontius, Alexander, Peter, George.

21 lunar day. Today the Sun enters the sign of its force, in your space house – the sector of the Lion. At the end of the week there gonna go Venus, and in addition, since the beginning of July there visiting and Mars. So we are all waiting for motion, partying; be fun and active. However, we must beware of “fire” because the fire of the warlike Mars has entered the fiery sign of the Lion… On the agenda of the excessive ambitions, aspirations, appetites, and various force-majeure situations. Many people will want to command, giving the right and left and not very valuable guidance but wanting to work, there are not too many. From 24 July to 4 August comes perhaps the most extreme period of the year. Aktiviziruyutsya those who have ambitions and prone to adventurism. In truth, we are waiting for the hot days!

According to the Central geophysical Observatory of Ukraine, the coldest this day was in Kiev in 1904 – +of 5.8, and the warmest in 2001 +34,8.