July 25: what a holiday today and what happened in Kiev a year ago

25 июля: какой сегодня праздник и что происходило в Киеве год назад

25 July in Ukraine and other Slavic countries celebrate a holiday. Also on this day, there have been many significant events that have influenced the course of history and gave birth to many famous people who left a mark in history.

The informant will tell about the most interesting facts of the day.

Birthday to celebrate this day: Anton, Arseny, Veronica, Ivan, Maria, Michael, Feodor.


Elections victim Perun, or Perun’s day is a pagan holiday that honored our ancestors. In time the Slavs were chosen victim for the slaughter it on the altar. Some historians have questioned the possibility of carrying out the rites of human sacrifice. They believe that the fact that the sacrificial victims were invented to diskreditieren pagan gods in the period of early Christianity. Anyway, there is chronicle evidence that until the 10th century the Slavs in July (Lepine) conducted the toss and chose sacrifice to Perun.


1814 – British inventor George Stephenson conducted the first test of the engine.

1895 – the Wedding of future Nobel prize winners Pierre Curie and Marie Sklodowska.

1907 – Physicist Boris Rosing filed a patent application for “Method of electrical transmission of images to a distance”, that is TV.

1909 – Louis Bleriot flew across the English channel on a plane of his own design.

1943 – In a coup, was deposed and arrested the head of Italian fascists Benito Mussolini. The new head of government was appointed Badoglio.

1944 – World war II: the beginning of “operation Cobra” to liberate northwestern France.

1947 In Prague, began the first world festival of youth and students.

1952 – the U.S. Congress declared Puerto Rico “voluntarily acceding state”.

1973 – From the Baikonur cosmodrome launched the Soviet interplanetary station Mars-5.

1978 – In the town of Oldham (England) was the first person conceived by artificial insemination.

1980 – Australian band AC/DC released the album Back in Black, who eventually became the third most sold in the world.

1983 – Thrash metal band Metallica released their debut album – Kill ’Em All.

1984 – the First female astronaut into space. Svetlana Yevgenyevna Savitskaya went into space on Board the orbital space station “Salyut-7”.

2000 – Crash of the supersonic airliner Concorde on departure from Paris airport Charles de Gaulle.


1109 – Alfonso I Henriques (died 1185), the first king of Portugal (1139-1185).

1874 – Sergey Vasilievich Lebedev (died 1934), organic chemist, developed a method of producing synthetic rubber from ethanol.

1894 – Gavrilo Princip (died in 1918), the Serbian terrorist, whose assassination of the heir to the Austrian throne was the occasion of the First world war.

1905 – Elias Canetti (died in 1994), Austrian writer (“Blinding”, “the Comedy of vanity”, “Mass and power”), Nobel prize (1981).

1924 – paisios of the Holy mountain (died in 1994), the elder of mount Athos, one of the most respected spiritual luminaries of the Greek people.

1934 – Claude Zidi, French film Director (“Recruits go to war”, “the Inspector-cuckoo”).

1959 – Andrei Kharitonov (died in 2019), the theater and film actor, Director, writer, laureate of the State prize of the USSR (1980).

1967 – Matt LeBlanc, American actor. The most famous role of Joey Tribbiani in the TV series “Friends”.


In Kiev, the roads turned into rivers: element fells trees and stops the movement. A year ago, the capital was again covered with rain and thunderstorms. Bad weather brought huge trouble – flooded streets and subways, and the high winds knocked down trees. July rain flooded the road on Victory Avenue, between the circus and the metro station “Polytechnic Institute”.

Became known, who knocked down 8-the summer girl in the center of Kiev. The resonant incident that claimed the life of 9-year-old girl crossing the road, continued. People learned the name of the culprit, who was driving a Hummer. It was Kirill Ostrovsky, born in 1995, a former boxer, and now he, the owner and investor of the company for the sale of the fitness of sweets “Fit & Sweet”.

In Kurenevka collapsed bridge. Bad weather in the capital caused huge damage to infrastructure that was not ready for this. So St. Cyril’s bridge was damaged: the rain has washed away the soil and the bridge collapsed. Due to the collapse of the mound, a traffic jam where there are cars and trams. After that he underwent major renovation and now looks completely different.