July 8: the folk calendar and astrometric

8 июля: народный календарь и астровестник

Today saints Peter and Fevronia – patrons of marriage; looking for a rainbow that portends a morning cloud, and what happiness is.

Today is the day of remembrance of the Holy Prince Peter and Princess Fevroniathat are considered patrons of marriage. Peter was a Prince and Fevronia – the daughter of a beekeeper engaged in healing. Somehow Peter was seriously ill – his whole body covered with wounds that are incredibly itched and festered. No doctor he could not help. On the border of the Principality, in the backwoods servants of the Prince came across a hut in which she lived Fevronia. She agreed to cure the Prince on one condition: he will marry her. Of course, he immediately agreed, although not really thought to marry a commoner. However, Febronia was also not born yesterday. She prudently left his body one little ulcer, and while Peter hopped to the Prince’s Palace, the disease came back. So the Prince was forced to return to Fevronia. This time he fulfilled his promise, and the girl he was cured. Then there were a lot of interesting things: their joint rule in the city, a revolt of the local boyars, disgruntled by the wisdom of the Prince’s wife, the expulsion, return, quiet, old age and death one day and in one hour. In this interesting (and very realistic by the way) stories, undoubtedly, the protagonist is Fevronia, a woman very wise and prudent.

On this day, noticed if after a short rain to see the rainbow, painting the sky from North to South, and its red color is bright – to the bad weather. The water in the river foams over a day wait for the rain blackens – there will be a storm. The summer fog of the morning heralded clear and fair weather.

Name day congratulations Peter, Efrosinia, Nicholas, Basil.

17-th lunar day. The moon in Aquarius. Maybe for someone is a very happy day, and for someone – and not too. Although, what is happiness? When Goethe was asked if his life is happy, he replied: “Yes, I lived a happy life.” But after a moment added: “But I do not remember any happy weeks…” And again: “…don’t prompt get a successful run, not brave – victory… but time and chance happens to them all…” It is the wise Ecclesiastes (9:11).

According to the Central geophysical Observatory of Ukraine, the coldest this day was in Kiev in 1887 and 1912: +8,3; and the warmest in 1999, +35,0.