June 15: the people’s calendar and astrometric

15 июня: народный календарь и астровестник

Today began the fast of the apostles; bury Kostrubanic, who are working on flies and what to expect from impulsive Aries.

So, very quietly came the middle of the first summer month. And today started Petrivka – second post of the year dedicated to the chief apostles Peter and Paul. Happy Monday, the first day?? post match interesting folk rituals – rosary (region – ruzgari, in Kirovograd – uncle). They were mentioned by only married women. It is basically a playfully satirical shows or skits. In Poltava the women prepared lunch, a secret from men carried him to the garden and after eating, shouting: “ha-Ha-ha!” This meant that they, therefore, send “to God kite, who must give their request in order to the Almighty extended a little longer intimate life”. Region this obrabotala had a completely different meaning: “chased Shulyak” to “he doesn’t have enough chickens.” On the tail the first day of the fast women who were born dead babies or died unbaptized, agreed on the cemetery, and arranged a “lunch for children”. It was believed that at this time, fly over the graveyard of their souls and “please cross.” Obrabotala was called “to celebrate children’s weddings”. And on this day our ancestors were buried straw doll, which was called Kostrubanic.

During Petrivci performed special petrivchana songs (petrivochka). This post involves a lot of Proverbs and sayings: “In Petrivka day like a year”, “I Wanted him to Petrivka of ice (or frozen; baked ice), “In Petrivka flies work for the masters, and in Spasivka (August 19 ) on.”

Birthdays today Nicephorus, John and Julia.

24 lunar day, the Moon remains in Aries. Be careful with words and actions, because in these days we are in an especially impulsive and even reckless. The important things that require precision, balance – it is better to postpone. There is a high possibility to miss some important caveat, to prevent inappropriate error that could have some negative consequences. The same applies to important negotiations, signing of agreements – all can be disrupted because of some little thing. A possible confrontation “out of the blue”. Fight, fire and sharp objects. Constructive and fruitful Monday!

According to the Central geophysical Observatory of Ukraine, the coldest this day was in Kiev in 1913 – +5,0, and the warmest in 1927, 1939 – to 31.9.