June 16: the people’s calendar and astrometric

16 июня: народный календарь и астровестник

Who will drive Lukyan, as our ancestors were looking for a place for the well, and important celestial perturbations.

Today Martyr Lucillian. Our ancestors called him Lucian, and a Carminative, after all, this day paid special attention to the wind. For example, the South wind heralded the harvest, the Western berries and fruits, but the wind from the East, but still North did not promise anything good – then it could be more.

On Lukyan was looking for a place for the well. To do this, watched the fog and the animals. Thick fog in the area indicated that the water in this place is closer to the surface of the earth. If a horse on a hot summer afternoon to beat the hoof on the ground is also shown the location of future wells. Over time, when in wide use Ukrainian peasants there were glass dishes – took a few glasses or cans, turned them and left for a day in the area. Did in the morning: on what vessel was the more condensate there and dig a well. To man-made sources of drinking water in the Ukrainians had a reverent attitude. “Littering and spitting in the well – I warned them – in fact, sores on the tongue will certainly appear”. Consecrated the same wells in August, at Maccabeus.

Birthdays today Ipat, Paul, Dmitry, Mikhail, Pavel.

25 lunar day, the Moon from Aries to Taurus will go. The mood is changeable, especially in the evening. This week there will be three important events: on Saturday, the Sun enters the sector of Cancer and this Sunday there will be an annular solar Eclipse. Also on Friday mercury visual stops and starts its retrograde motion in Cancer sector. Signing important documents it is better to postpone until July. Possible complications in the work of transport, communication, business and related communications. To do something important “on the go” and “on the fly” will fail even if you want. Everything will be slow down during mercury retrograde, and all we will think about and touch, will develop in July. Well, finally – beginning of period Cancer, which coincides with a solar Eclipse. Period of Cancer is the maximum impact on us of the moon, passivity, dominance of emotions, vulnerability, waiting.

According to the Central geophysical Observatory of Ukraine, the coldest this day was in Kiev in 1909: +4,3; and the warmest in 1924 – +33,0.