June 22: today was a holiday history and tradition

22 июня: какой сегодня праздник - история и традиции

All holidays in different countries and in the Orthodox Church this day..

The day of memory and grief

This day is celebrated in many countries, and in Ukraine including. Memorable date was established in 2000 in memory of the tragic events of the Second world war. It killed every fifth Ukrainian, and it is only those who do know. In 2011, the decision to adopt a mandatory moment of silence adopted by the Verkhovna Rada. A moment of silence is held every year at 10:00. So mention those who gave their lives for our future.

This day celebrates the Day of memory and mourning, because on this day there was a attack of fascist Germany on the Soviet Union. Ukraine has been erased from the face of the earth hundreds of settlements. The victims were not only those who threatened the regime, but also women, children, the elderly and the sick. Destroyed even patients neurological dispensaries and seriously ill.

Day of the Finnish flag

The day coincides with the brightest time of the year and national holiday Midsummer. It is celebrated on the Saturday between 20 and 26 June, is a national holiday and a day off.

The flag is a symbol of Finland, on a white rectangular field a blue Scandinavian cross. There are national and state flags, and the second can be rectangular and with braids, a square in the center of the blue cross is the state emblem of Finland.

Midsummer day in Finland

This is the beginning of the summer and the best time for the North of the country. Also, this solstice is superimposed on the Nativity of John the Baptist. So now Midsummer is celebrated on the first Saturday after June 19. To it were prepared in advance, all the streets are decorated with birch leaves and branches and wreaths in churches, in stores, in homes. Birch – a symbol of hospitality.

But the main tradition is the raising of the Finnish flag and the burning of Coke. This cone-shaped structure made of dry birch. During the Swedes, the inhabitants of bonfires on the river. It was believed that the fire may devour evil, and the water will carry his ashes away. Now it’s just a nice celebration. When the fire burns down, all sit at the tables, fry sausages, and bake pancakes.

Orthodox holidays:

  • The leavetaking of the feast of Pentecost.
  • Saint Cyril, Archbishop of Alexandria.
  • The monk Kirill, hegumen of Beloezersk.
  • Week 1 after Pentecost. All saints. Trinity week.

Kirillin day

The Orthodox Church celebrates on this day of St. Cyril Belozerskoe, who lived in 14-15 centuries. It was believed that the summer is blooming and there comes the longest day of the year. Also keep up the strawberries. There is a legend that before the strawberries did not give fruits, the child Jesus was walking in the woods, and the strawberries were grieved, did not to please nothing. Savior kissed him and the kiss grew sweet flavored berry.

Folk omens on June 22

Name day on this day

Alexander, Alexey, Ivan, Cyril, Marianna, Mary, Martha, Raphael, Thekla.

22 июня: какой сегодня праздник - история и традиции

22 июня: какой сегодня праздник - история и традиции

22 июня: какой сегодня праздник - история и традиции