June 8: the people’s calendar and astrometric

8 июня: народный календарь и астровестник

Today is the Day the Holy spirit; where is hiding mermaids, will chirp the crickets and enjoying than want.

Trinity continues, today is the Day the Holy spirit or Bohodukhiv day. In large parts of Ukraine on Monday, after services at the Church, with a procession of the whole village avoided the field to “hail beat the crops, and the drought did not burn the grain.” Banners and crosses were decorated with wreaths of flowers, the course was accompanied by songs of a secular nature. And yet, once this day is widely celebrated so-called memorial day. Women took meals, went to Church, sent the memorial service, and then visited the graves. Typically, memorial day was intended only for suicide – those who drowned, or committed suicide. Such people were buried outside the cemetery fence. In the Kherson region on the second day of the holidays, the children organized a fun game called “Curling wreaths”. Choosing among a boy and a girl, they wove wreaths and wrapping around, walked together through the village with songs. And Polishchuk, tied to an ox stuffed with straw, chasing the animal through the streets, shouting: “Rodos, Rodos!”. In addition, in Ukraine it was the custom Bohodukhiv day to sanctify wells (it is believed that they are hiding mermaids). In the evening loud chirping of crickets – to the Sunny and warm weather.

Birthdays today Karp, George, Ivan, Elena.

17-18 lunar days, the Moon is still in Capricorn. Fairly active day with a positive energy. Time of accumulation and of growth, of fertility. One of the best days for celebrating, celebration, which need and to behave accordingly: fun, friendly. Also today, you can afford all sorts of Goodies – the stars on the side of foodies; however, overeating and the census is not worth it. At the lowest level – a day of riot and drunkenness, Orgy. But this is not about us.

According to the Central geophysical Observatory of Ukraine, the coldest this day was in Kiev in 1925: +4,6; and the warmest in 1999 +30,8.