Just 5 minutes a day: Japanese doctors revealed the secret anti-aging massage

Всего 5 минут в день: Японские врачи раскрыли тайну омолаживающего массажа

Putting maximum effort, people will notice results within a month.

Japanese doctors believe that you can do without a single cosmetic product. They have uncovered the secret to a rejuvenating massage Karogi, which was developed by the therapist Chiyo Hayashi. Over age, facial fat tends to slide down in certain areas, giving the skin a doughy appearance. According to Chiyo Hayashi, not everything depends on collagen. Therefore, only 5 minutes massage a day will ensure an even distribution of fat under the skin and winning the change in the shape of the face.

Despite all the benefits, before beginning the massage, you need to visit a doctor to verify the absence of diseases of ENT organs, lymphatic system, skin diseases and wounds on the face. Massage involves 7 steps.

First stage – preparation of the cheeks. Pinch the fists, placing them on the table. Then, resting his knuckles under the cheekbones flatten them, at the same time as loosing face. And so 5 seconds. The second is the preparation of forehead. Lifting her chin, tipping his head back and holding his hands in fists to hold from growth lines ox to the lobes of the ears and then to chin, repeat a few times. Third – formation of the cheekbones. Hands clasped to the castle, to stick his thumbs and pressed them to each other. Then put the tip of the thumb to the inner corner of the left eye and pressing into the skin to hold in the direction to your ear, and then to the clavicle. Repeat 2-3 times.

Fourth – smoothing of the forehead. Hands folded into fists, you need to spend from the eyebrows to the hairline and repeat several times. Fifth – the expansion of the eyes. You need to lay down their fists, so were the knuckles of the index and middle finger. After passing the brow between the knuckles of the fingers highlighted, ironed it several times. Sixth – the formation of a jawline. As in the previous exercise, you need to set the knuckle and relax your face. Then, putting a knuckle under his cheek, right under the corners of the mouth, pushing tugging the skin of the chin sharp movements to his temple. Repeat 7-8 times. The seventh and final stage – a stress reliever. Opening the palm of your hand, place the fingertips on the forehead and gentle movements of hands to hold the top down.

Всего 5 минут в день: Японские врачи раскрыли тайну омолаживающего массажа

Всего 5 минут в день: Японские врачи раскрыли тайну омолаживающего массажа