“Just butted the bridge”: Zaytsev revealed the details of the conflict with well-known producer

"Просто бодались на мостике": Зайцева раскрыла подробности конфликта с известным продюсером

Ex-participant of group “Allsorts” revealed details of parting with Eugene Fridlyand.

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Before singer Maria Zaitseva came in the duet “2Маши”, she worked in different projects. Among them – the reality show “the national actor”, “Voice” and the group “Assorted” and “Naomi”. The girl even opened her own cake shop.

The longest for Maria project was the group “Assorti”. Her singer shone for 8 years.

Recently, Zaitsev became the heroine of the show “Julia, damn it!”. There, she openly talked about his past in the band “Assorti”.

According to the girl, while all the members of the group were left to themselves. After the release of the song “Beautiful love” came a musical lull. The singer was in demand only because of this hit.

The producer of the band was Eugene Fridlyand. According to the story Zaitseva, the girls turned to him for six months before the expiration of the contract. They wanted to change some terms of cooperation. For example, the requested increase in the interest rate and the permission to plan pregnancy.

However, Friedland didn’t bother to listen to his players. The new contract brand did not satisfy their requests.

“The next six months, we just butted on the bridge,” – said the singer.

She added that Eugene Friedland took them all costumes.

Recently it became known that eks-the participant of group “Silver” Pauline favorskaya spoke about the difficulties in the team.