Just fantastic: the UN introduced the impressive project of the city on the water

Просто фантастика: ООН представила впечатляющий проект города на воде

The United Nations presented the draft of the floating city, which received the title – Oceanix City. The city, which is designed for 10 thousand inhabitants, must be able to withstand natural disasters: floods, tsunamis and hurricanes, reports ONLINE.UA with reference to Business Insider.

It is noted that the project was designed by architect Bjarke Ingels and his.

“Hexagon is one of the most effective architectural forms like honeycombs. Accordingly, you can count on construction by using fewer materials. Administrative unit is a group of six platforms. Six such groups create a town of 10 thousand inhabitants. According to the authors of the project – it is the number of the settlers perfectly, and allow you to reach “full autonomy”, producing their energy, fresh water and heat”, – said in the message.

Also stated that food delivery will occur on the water on boats with people, or use more modern technology – drones. The concept of autonomy implies the cultivation of food on the spot. Under platforms, you can make farm raised fish and seafood. Vertical farms are not dependent on the weather and seasons.

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