“KAMAZ” will equip its drones “Avatar”

«КАМАЗ» оснастит свои беспилотники «Аватарами»

The famous automaker “KAMAZ” in the last year tested its first unmanned car that continues to get new versions. To improve the automatic driving mode, the enterprise’s specialists have developed an advanced system of sensors installed on the roof of the truck.

The project is called “Avatar” – an advanced help system the autopilot is equipped with components of the redundancy Autonomous control, and a set of sensors with “cyclorama”, which greatly improves driving safety in Autonomous mode. In addition, experts have provided a duplication of the communication system, which in the case of interference from one of the transmission channels to switch to another.

After entering the data controller about the destination module is able to build a digital road map and best route using 3D lidars. To improve the accuracy of the movement of the car is a navigation system that allows you to load coordinates from satellites.

“If a customer wants to automate their cars, he can buy and install them roof modules Avatar. The modules will be integrated into the system of car control, and then be able to fulfill their tasks,” – said the chief specialist of software of control systems of “KAMAZ” Ilnaz Yunusov.

Now the maximum speed of unmanned trucks is 60 km per hour, but customers will be able to adjust this value. The link with the “text” is carried out using industry standard Wi-Fi or LTE modem, as well as through backup channel – VHF. The developers also report on the plans to equip the system with a function of digitized maps of the area using unmanned drone. Date of commencement of supply and the price of “Avatar” yet to be announced.