Kamensky danced in shorts and transparent top

Каменских станцевала в шортах и прозрачном топе

The singer showed how a weekend away from home.

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Anastasia Kamenskih was published in “Instagram” fresh video in which her hair dances in white short shorts and transparent micro-top, through which was visible in her sports bra. The video had fans like.

Wife Potap made a video, intended for popular social networks on the street while Cycling in the Park. Internet users were divided into two camps. Fans noted that the artist is moving well, and her figure – above all praise. Fans stressed that the celebrity is always positive and charges them in a good mood.

“Anastasia, you’re so good dancer! And the figure is good, and the choreography and you are very very beautiful”, “Beauty”,

– written by enthusiastic subscribers.

However, there were also those who criticized Kamensky. Some netizens came to the conclusion that the star was already out of the age to remove such a video.

“Aunt it’s time to give birth, and she’s still in Tictoc”, “will not come up what to do with myself” – responded to the post-wishers.

Earlier Kamensky quarreled for dancing in mini shorts.

Nastya Kamensky