Kamensky kissed Polyakova in the air “X-factor”: photo

Singer Olya Polyakova and Nastya Kamensky decided to destroy the rumors about their rivalry in an unusual way. Artist kiss live singing show “X-factor”.

A 13-episode 10 season “X-factor” Olya Polyakova and Nastya Kamensky, who are members of the jury, tried on similar hot total red images. This has caused public debate in the network, allegedly of the singer have failed to agree on the outfit for the show.

Stars even openly joked over each other. So, Polyakova told my wife Potap: “Anastasia, the impression that you’re, like, his head down in the soup”.

But over time, Nastya and Olya decided to dispel the rumors about the feud and kissed in a live project at the backstage. Racy photos published to the STB on his page in instagram.

What is X factor?
This is a music talent show, whose main purpose is identifying and developing the singing talent of the contestants. All participants are selected through public auditions. September 14, 2019, in Ukraine started the 10th season of the show “X-factor”.