Kamil Stoch won the stage in Kuopio

Камил Стох выиграл этап в Куопио

Flying the Polish skier Kamil Stoch does not forget to win and after the Games in Sochi. Two-time Olympic champion won the world Cup on a large hill in the Finnish Kuopio. Stoch took the lead already after the first jump and only strengthened their positions after the second. For it is the sixth win at the world Cup in the current season.

Second in Kuopio was the German Severin Freund, loser Stoho the sum of the two jumps 3 wholes and 8 tenths of a point. Freund got up in the stage in third place in the overall standings of the world Cup. Stachu it is inferior to 244 points, while Slovenian Peter Prevco – 141.

Absolutely the best scores for the second jump received the Norwegian Anders Bardal and it elevated the former world Cup winner for the third final place in the two attempts. Best of Russians Aleksey Romashov took 28th place.

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