Karaoke on wheels: Taras Poplar presented a new track and quail hits winnik and DZIDZIO – Lifestyle 24

Караоке на колесах: Тарас Тополя  презентував новий трек і переспівав хіти Винника та DZIDZIO - Lifestyle 24

The leader of the Ukrainian band “Antibody” Taras Poplar became the hero of the new entertainment show “Karaoke on wheels.”

Premiere of the new edition of “Karaoke on wheels” with a leading Glory Demin took place on 3 December on the YouTube channel Lux FM.

While at the same time Taras presented a new track group “Antibodies”, which nobody heard. While it is untitled, but viewers can listen to an excerpt.

“Hold me tight, because suddenly at altitude forget the roots. Remind me who I was and who I am. Love me tender,” the words of a romantic ballad about love.

Look entertainment show “Karaoke on wheels” Taras Poplar:


In addition, Taras Poplar quail hit his wife Alyosha “Kalina” and songs by Oleg Vinnik, “Time and glass”, DZIDZIO and other artists.


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