Karmic horoscope: Who were you in a past life by birth date

Кармический гороскоп: Кем вы были в прошлой жизни по дате рождения

Karmic astrology is an amazing science. It not only tells us about the past incarnations of the soul, but just guesses the purpose of its realization in the current image. In fact, this type of astrology allows us to better know myself and understand my true purpose.

We are accustomed to the fact that astrology exactly describes the character and habits of the person. But even she, at times, comes to a standstill. Take, for example, twins. People born in one month and one day within a few minutes, have completely opposite characters, and their fate is different. How to explain it?

There is no contradiction, if to take into account that the souls of the twins have different potential. One soul is young, and the other has already gone through several incarnations. That is, karma is a reward for the person actions and behavior in a past life. Hence the main question of our discussion – who we were in past life? To understand this, you need to know the date of his birth.

Table karmic signs

with 28.01.1949 on 17.08.1950 with 09.09.1967 on 29.03.1969 with 20.04.1986 on 08.11.1987 G.

In a past life you were an aesthete, and a brilliant man, had popularity. You were drawn to luxury, but did not have enough money to live as wanted. The desire to get into high society pushes you to reckless and thoughtless actions, which not only helped to achieve the desired, but also condemned by society. You had a family, but you didn’t keep her faithful. You have lived an interesting life, but are unable to fully realize themselves.

In this life you need to realize your potential, but this time without cheating and forgery. And again. Not to repeat karmic mistakes, don’t rush to marry until you meet a man who will love with all my heart.

with 19.02.1966 on 09.09.1967 with 01.10.1984 till 20.04.1986 with 25.05.2003 till 30.11.2004 G.

In a previous life you had a rigid, authoritarian character, which suffered from surrounding. Regardless of other people’s opinions without thinking about other people’s feelings, you destroy the lives of people, caring only about how to get what you want. By the way, you showed insatiable sexual passion, which eventually, and drew a line under your life. Surrounding celebrate your irrepressible nature and a desire to seek benefits.

In this life you have a chance to prove himself, so, to begin to help other people and become benevolence towards others. Enough shocks and the permanent nerve. Try to find your inner peace and live in harmony with the world.

with 22.12.1945 on 11.07.1947 with 02.08.1964 on 19.02.1966 with 14.03.1983 on 01.10.1984 G.

In a past life you were a figure is visible and respected. Surrounding listen to your opinion and obey your orders. You had a wealth of management experience, although the fact that you denounced others, not versed too well, and therefore, is often wishful thinking. It is likely that your categorical judgments, the people suffered, but you, on top of that, just didn’t notice.

Now it’s time to pay the bills, and then be ready to try on the role of a fighter against the system, its broken laws and illegal Executive orders. Help those who suffer from the persons of those in power, and thus you will gain peace of mind.

with 13.01.1963 on 02.08.1964 with 25.08.1981 on 14.03.1983 with 05.04.2000 on 24.10.2001 G.

Throughout life you try to succeed and enjoy the power. However you always something was missing: support, knowledge, trickery. Probably you was lacking interpersonal skills, as you could not boast of extensive ties and loyal friends. And relations with the opposite sex was not easy. You always find it difficult to Express your feelings and be completely honest with a loved one.

The present life is given to you in order to show their best side. Create a family and feel themselves under her protection. And, make lifelong friends and grow with them. It is much more pleasant and productive.

with 26.06.1961 on 13.01.1963 with 05.02.1980 on 25.08.1981 with 17.10.1998 on 05.04.2000 G.

Your opinion is always different from the views of the majority, you dire in need of freedom and independence, but because at some point they simply ceased to consider themselves part of society, and even opposed themselves to him. Perhaps because you have not developed a loving relationship. Considering himself a strong personality, you just did not found someone who could be your support.

You are talented, and nurturing ideas that can bring undeniable benefits to society. Bring them to life for the joy of others, and not to amuse vanity. Then the surrounding people will be drawn to you, recognizing in you a real genius.

with 07.12.1959 on 26.06.1961 with 19.07.1978 on 05.02.1980 with 27.02.1997 on 17.09.1998 G.

In a past life you have achieved great heights because you lacked perseverance and character. Possessing a sharp mind and lively imagination, you, however, were vulnerable to influence, and often did the will other than doing what you’ve dreamed for yourself. Exacerbated by the total lack of responsibility and laziness, because none of the cases, which can glorify your name, you are brought to an end.

In this life you should take a tight grip and stop being lazy. You have potential but you need to exercise willpower, to develop and achieve harmony.

with 20.05.1958 on 07.12.1959 with 29.12.1976 on 19.07.1978 with on 27.02.1997 11.08.1995 G. G.

In the last reincarnation, you lived with detachment, completely absorbed in himself and studying the surrounding world. Perhaps you were engaged in complex research, which seriously affect your personal life. The relationship with your loved one didn’t happen, again because of your amusement and passion. You probably even decided that the family is not for you and you are not willing to limit freedom.

It is time to turn to yourself and give vent to his feelings. Only by living in love and harmony, you will be able to create, and most importantly, to share the rich experiences, both in this and in previous lives.

with 30.11.1956 on 20.05.1958 with 12.06.1975 on 29.12.1976 with 21.01.1994 till 11.08.1995 G.

You have lived a comfortable life, where is no place for suffering and hardship. You were much attached to one place, and therefore not actually traveled. Besides, you were fascinated by addictions and bad habits. Otherwise, you are absolutely satisfied with such a measured life in which you quietly accumulated wealth and in what does not deny.

The present life will require you to change and evolve, and it will cause you suffering. You may not be enough motivation, but in your power to find the impetus for living and development.

with 13.04.1955 on 30.10.1956 with 22.11.1973 on 12.06.1975, with 04.07.1992 till 21.01.1994 G.

Your past life was accompanied by sheer thoughtlessness and irresponsibility. You lived one day, no one for a long time without being attached and without experiencing cravings for a particular residence. Playing the feelings of others, you felt comfortable, not thinking about the fact that I have caused someone pain. The main credo of your life was personal freedom and independence. You are not serious about life, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

The present life is given to you so that you stopped running from responsibility, and found a purpose for his life. You should be included in all processes, to learn, develop and strive to implement their plans. And yet, to help people and never to refuse them support.

with 23.10.1953 on 13.04.1955 with 04.05.1972 on 22.11.1973 with 15.12.1990 on 04.07.1992 G.

In a previous life you were always hiding behind his family. Any questions and problems you had to solve them, while you close all the locks, deciding to take responsibility and face the truth. Having lived a life you never grew up, constantly being in his fantastic dreams.

It is possible that in this life you are totally alone, because in this embodiment the main task of your soul is to educate you of responsibility. But even if you are surrounded by family, life will throw you challenges, forcing alone to bear the burden of responsibility in the family and in professional activities.

with 06.03.1952 on 23.10.1953 with 16.10.1970 on 04.05.1972 with 28.05.1989 on 15.12.1990 G.

Arrogance and selfishness has been your credo in the last incarnation. You put yourself above others and look down on those who do not fit your status. You are constantly drawn to the upper light luxury, rich people, power and permissiveness. And let you not reached the heights dreamed of in your field you were drunk with power over people and had the reputation of a tyrant.

In this life you have to forget about selfishness and go through many hardships to realize that this life is not castles, and not wealth, and the true human values of love, friendship and loyalty.

with 17.09.1950 on 06.03.1952 with 29.0.1969 on 16.10.1970 with 08.11.1988 on 28.05.1989 G.

In a former life you were assertive and self-motivated. You showed cruelty towards others and the incredible confidence in their own right. You suppressed your own desires and aspirations, because your forces were thrown on the achievement of results. In this case, you should trust only promote ideals, absolutely not listening to her heart. Obviously you lived a very active, but it is deeply miserable life.

In this life you must abandon materialism and Patriotic slogans in order to look within and learn to listen to your own heart. Only when in your heart endeared love, you will become a different, much better person.