Karpaty and Chornomorets will play transition games, Arsenal relegated to the second division

"Карпаты" и "Черноморец" сыграют переходные матчи, "Арсенал" вылетел в Первую лигу

In the Premier League played last matches of the season 2018-2019 in the bottom six. So decided the teams that will play transition games. And the biggest loser of the season.

The match was distinguished by great dramatic and somewhat unexpected decision. Only “Vorskla” and “gums” were able to play happily. And for the sake of the Cup’s prestige. At the same time, in the last round determined the fate of four teams.

Even before the matches situation is as follows:

  • Om it was necessary not to lose Vorskla to remain in the Premier League.
  • Karpaty had to win “Arsenal-Kiev” and expect the defeat of Olympique de Marseille to climb to ninth place and avoid the transitional matches. The Lviv team had to win by two goals (or to expect that such a difference plays a “Olympic”).
  • Chernomorets had to win the “Gums”, not to fly in the First League. Odessans could play a draw or lose, provided that the lost “Arsenal-Kiev”. But the team still would not have avoided the transitional matches.
  • “Arsenal-Kiev” were supposed to win, and to hope for the defeat of “Chernomorets” to leave last place. The team played with a qualification.

Already in the fourth minute of the match, Arsenal scored Karpaty and Vorskla – Olimpik . Therefore, Kiev has risen to 11th place on the last down” Chernomorets”. Karpaty and Olimpik still remained in their places.

But before the break Karpaty scored three times, and “Vorskla” also scored the second goal. Therefore, Karpaty stood on the ninth (respectively the “Olympic” fell to tenth place), Arsenal were again twelve.

On the 62nd and 73rd minutes “Chernomorets” scored twice “Desna” and was fixed on the eleventh place. Now Arsenal victory over Karpaty did not help to save place in the Premier League.

At the 76th and 82nd minutes Degtyarev scored twice in the gate “Vorskla” and equalized. “Olympic” returned to ninth place.

The final whistles have recorded:

Arsenal-Kiev – Karpaty 2:3
Vorskla – Olimpik 2:2
Chernomorets – Gums 3:0

Therefore, the “Olympic” remained in ninth place and avoided the transitional matches. For a place in the Premier League will play against Karpaty and Chornomorets. Lvov will play against Volyn Lutsk, and Odesa – against the “Ear” of Kovalivka. The first matches will be held June 4 on the field teams of the Premier League. The return match on 8 June.

“Arsenal-Kiev” flew in the First League. His place in the Premier League is “Dnepr-1”.