Karpaty failed to win at home Chornomorets

"Карпаты" не сумели победить дома "Черноморец"

Lviv “Karpaty” in the 25th round of the Premier League took Odessa “Chernomorets”. Both teams needed a win to keep chances to stay in the Premier League for next season.

Carpathians – Chornomorets 0:0

Both teams took the field, knowing that “Olympic” is ahead in the score in the match against “Arsenal-Kiev”. In the end, the Donetsk team won and equal on points with Karpaty. So Karpaty had to win in order to break away from his pursuers. In case of victory of “Chernomorets”, Odessa would take the last place.

However, the team played mediocre football. “Chernomorets” has saturated the protection of his team, which he could not pass by the players of FC Karpaty. In the first half, only to remember a moment when the green-whites were close to goal not standard. The Swede held the opponent at the line and shot into the centre of the box. But to strike the players of FC Karpaty failed.

“Chernomorets” it replied in a similar moment. On target Kuchinsky punched Wilhelmson. But the ball went along the goal line.

Looked much more dangerous free-kick. Punched Miakushko. The shot of the Odessa team Kozhukhar decided to hit the ball with his fists.

The situation was similar in the second half – a powerful shot-a crumb from a free kick, the same kick the threat Wilhelmson. And the shots that do not carry much of a threat.

When was the last of the added minutes “Chernomorets” has got the right to a dangerous free kick. But the shot Chorniya took the front of the players. Therefore, the goals at the stadium “Ukraine” the audience never saw. Draw.

Karpaty remain in third place in the second six. “Chernomorets” and further divides the last place.