Karpaty next season can play in the First League

"Карпаты" в следующем сезоне могут выступать в Первой лиге

"Карпаты" в следующем сезоне могут выступать в Первой лиге

The control and disciplinary Committee of the UAF excluded Karpaty Lviv from the structure of the UPL. The club awarded two technical defeats with the “Mariupol”.

About the future of the Lviv club in the air TC “Football” said Secretary of the CDC of the UAF Igor Grishchenko.

The club is deprived of professional status and is entitled to apply for certification to participate in the First League championship. And then the Committee on the assessment of the UAF will consider whether Karpaty criteria or not and decide
– said Grishchenko.

“Karpaty” was expelled from the Premier League

Karpaty officially eliminated from the Ukrainian Premier League (UPL). Decision adopted on 9 July at a meeting of the disciplinary Committee of the Ukrainian football Association.

The results of the proceedings were taken the following decisions:

  • count Karpaty two technical defeat, and “Mariupol” – two victories;
  • the deletion of FC “Karpaty” (Lviv) from the competition of the Premier League season 2019/2020 for repeated failure to attend a match without good reason;
  • count Karpaty in the matches left to play after re-appearance, technical defeat, and the teams-rivals – a technical victory.

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