Karpaty players can boycott training camp because of salary arrears

Head coach of FC Karpaty Lviv Roman Sanjar said about the new issue of the club after addressing the situation with a transfer ban: salary arrears to the players.

Sources Спорт24 confirm the information that the players have put forward a Manifesto to guide the debt in the club and are planning to boycott training.

Sanjar admitted that now he is more concerned not with whom the “Carpathians” will have to sort things out at the training camp in Turkey, and who will defend the colors of the club.

Others are concerned: FC “Karpaty” quite a significant debt to players. And this complicates breeding work. A player who respects himself, will not agree to sit down at the negotiating table, knowing that his new team has financial problems. It is therefore very important as soon to work the club. In many respects this will depend on the future “of the Carpathians”,
– quotes Sanjar “Team No. 1”.

According to FootBoom, a debt is 3 months. Now there are negotiations between the club management and players to repay debts.

The user offers to pay for one month, players are asking for at least two months. Also, the source reports that not all legionaries have returned to the “Carpathians” and it is still unknown whether the return at all.

If the club begins to pay a salary, the players plan to give up to train and fly with the team to Turkey, where the green-whites will have to prepare for the second part of the Ukrainian Premier League.

By the way, training camp in Turkey was also under threat, because “Karpaty” has not yet paid the organization fees, accommodation and flights.

For the winter break Karpaty left as the worst team in the Premier League. After 18 rounds Lviv with 11 points occupy last line in standings of the championship.