“Karpaty” step away from the historic exceptions to the UPL: the team is not going to another match

"Карпаты" в шаге от исторического исключения из УПЛ: команда не едет на очередной матч

"Карпаты" в шаге от исторического исключения из УПЛ: команда не едет на очередной матч

Karpaty Lviv’s to early to leave the Ukrainian Premier League (UPL). The club can for the first time to exclude from missing the next match of the Premier League.

Karpaty expelled from the Premier League

As reported Tribuna.com “Karpaty” won’t go for the away match of the 29th round of the Premier League against the “Mariupol” (July 4). On this edition of told in the Lviv club.

Due to the fact that this week the lions came out for the match of 24-th round against “Mariupol”, the club faces disqualification.

It was reported that according to the regulations, in the case of repeated failure to appear for the match without good reason, the club will automatically be excluded from competition.

The Directorate of the Premier League will hand over the case to the Control and disciplinary Committee of the UAF.

While not officially reported that the Matchday 29 of the Premier League Mariupol – Karpaty cancelled.

What happened in Carpathians

In the “Carpathians” reported that do not have the Finance to continue the life of the club.

According to media reports, the problem of “Carpathians” is not a lack of money to travel to matches.

The lions supposedly have 5 million dollars of debt. Another problem is the possession of a share of the club’s shares by the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky.

He seems to be uninterested to invest in the club.

“Datoteke” reports that “the Carpathians” it makes no sense to spend money on completing the championship, if they were not allowed to next season.

It is unknown what League and in what format there will be a club next season.

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