Karpaty want to play in the First League: the UAF against

"Карпаты" хотят играть в Первой лиге: УАФ – против

"Карпаты" хотят играть в Первой лиге: УАФ – против

Karpaty Lviv has not appeared on two consecutive match of the Ukrainian Premier League (UPL). According to the regulations, the Lviv club should be excluded from the UPL. First, the lions planned to “zero out”, but now changed my mind.

The control and disciplinary Committee of the UAF will decide the fate of the “Carpathians” on Thursday, 9 July, reports 24 channel. However, what the decision would be in the UAF – is not known.

What will happen with Karpaty

In Statute, the UPL procedure is the lowering of the club in the class spelled out “blurry”. In particular, the document States that “the team will be disqualified from the competition”.

Further, the Control and disciplinary Committee of the UAF need to decide where the new season will play Karpaty – First League, Second League, or will be followed by the deprivation of professional status.

As reported Sport.ua, “Karpaty” changed his mind “zeroed out”. Earlier media wrote that the lions want to lose professional status and to start with lovers under the conditional name “Carpathians 1963”.

This supposedly will be done to the club is no longer owned by the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky.

And now Karpaty wants to start a new season in the First League.

However, in the management of the Ukrainian Association football (UAF) don’t want to see in the new season of “Karpaty” in the First League.

It is reported, allegedly “Karpaty” in the last time to “bother” their behavior.

Therefore, it is likely that the FTC of the UAF make a decision on the deprivation of Karpaty professional status.

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