“Karpaty” was expelled from the Premier League, Shakhtar will play the UEFA Europa League match in Kharkiv: sports news July 9,

"Карпаты" исключили из УПЛ, "Шахтер" сыграет матч Лиги Европы в Харькове: новости спорта 9 июля

"Карпаты" исключили из УПЛ, "Шахтер" сыграет матч Лиги Европы в Харькове: новости спорта 9 июля

Thursday, July 9, happened many important events in the sports world. About the most important, read the review Спорт24.

  • 1″Carpathians” was officially expelled from the Premier League

  • 2″Shakhtar” will play with “Wolfsburg” in Kharkiv the UEFA Europa League match

  • 3Ломаченко officially started training for the bout with Lopez

  • 4Президент the UAF announced the opening of the stadium for the fans

Karpaty officially eliminated from the Ukrainian Premier League (UPL). Decision adopted on 9 July at a meeting of the disciplinary Committee of the Ukrainian football Association.

The results of the proceedings were taken the following decisions:

  • count Karpaty two technical defeat, and “Mariupol” – two victories;
  • the deletion of FC “Karpaty” (Lvov) in the competitions of the Premier League season 2019/2020 for repeated failure to attend a match without good reason;
  • count Karpaty in the matches left to play after re-appearance, technical defeat, and the teams-rivals – a technical victory.

Thursday, July 9, UEFA made a decision about where to spend return matches of 1/8 final of the Champions League and Europa League.

It was agreed that meetings will be held on the sidelines of the nominal owners. Thus, Shakhtar will take on Wolfsburg in Kharkov. The match is scheduled for August 5-6 and will be held without spectators.

Separately, to be decided the venue of the match, “Getafe” – “inter” and “Roma” – “Seville”. Both meetings will be held in Germany, as the team did not have time to play the first match. The result of the confrontation will be determined after a single match.

All the more likely that a fight between Vasyl Lomachenko and Teofilo Lopez will be held. The Ukrainian champion has officially started preparations for one of the most anticipated fights of the year 2020.

Basil began training camp in preparation for the battle on may 30. But the fight was postponed, so Lomachenko stopped the training and supported the form. Now officially started the second training camp Lomachenko.

When will the fight

  • The fight that Lomachenko will put on the line the WBC, WBA, WBO, and Lopez – IBF belt, held in autumn.
  • WBC officially announced that the boxers will meet in September.
  • But Top Rank promoter Bob Arum, promoter of the fight, said that Lomachenko and Lopez will meet on 3 October.
  • Where the fight will be – not reported.

President of Ukrainian Association football (UAF) Andriy Pavelko told about when we can expect the return of fans to the stands.

We are talking about a partial opening of the stands, in particular quarters of the occupancy of the football arenas. Pavelko convinced that this can happen in the coming tours.

Earlier, the chief sanitary doctor of Ukraine Victor Liashko has said that Ukraine will be Poland in the opening stadiums for the fans. There fans have already allowed for matches on June 17.

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