Kate Middleton “caught” on the use of Botox: the reaction of Kensington Palace

Кейт Миддлтон "поймали" на использовании ботокса: реакция Кенсингтонского дворца

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is always trying to look perfect. The representative of the Royal family have the best stylists and beauticians, who help her to create ideal images. However, it is the view of Kate Middleton has caused quite a scandal, which erupted in the network.

As reported by Page Six, 23 July, a famous plastic surgeon Munich of Somji made an unexpected and resonant assumption. A doctor who works in a prestigious clinic D Clinic Medi Spa in London, wrote in a social network that 37-year-old Kate Middleton has repeatedly made anti-aging treatments Botox.

To confirm his words, he posted two different photos of the Duchess of Cambridge. In one photograph the visible wrinkles on the forehead Kate, but on the other – perfect glowing skin.

Our Kate loves “baby Botox”. Patients come from all over the world to undergo these procedures. It’s really very simple. Doctors have no excuse for leaving patients with lowered eyebrows. Notice fewer fine facial wrinkles on the forehead. Also note how raised the tails of the eyebrows… Now 90% of my clients have undergone this procedure and are happy with the result even after 3 – 4 months
– wrote Munich of Somji.

Кейт Миддлтон "поймали" на использовании ботокса: реакция Кенсингтонского дворца

Kate Middleton caught in scandal / Photo: The Daily Mail

Is usually Kensington Palace stands apart from the rumors that spread in the media. Especially representatives of the Royal family do not pay attention to news regarding the style or kind of Duchess. However, the resonance assumption was made Secretary to Queen Elizabeth II to intervene to give the official comment to The New York Post. The statement of the doctor immediately called a lie and noted that “members of the Royal family have never been involved in such commercial activities”. Besides, the representatives of the monarch, added that the doctor, apparently, wanted to make publicity for his work, unsuccessfully selecting “model”.

Immediately after the resonance in the network Instagram page Munika of Somji removed, and his scandalous publication was only the screenshots of the Western media.