Kate Middleton with humor responded to the question about the fourth child: details

Кейт Миддлтон с юмором ответила на вопрос о четвертом ребенке: детали

In the Western media for several months maintained the assumption that Prince William and Kate Middleton’s dream of a fourth child. These rumors decided to comment on the Duchess, who reacted with humour to question the British.

The Duke of Cambridge received the unofficial status of a model family. They conscientiously abide by Royal rules, but insiders claim that Kate Middleton is already planning a fourth child. According to them, the wife of Prince William wants the little Prince Louis was sister, after all, between George and Charlotte had a great friendship.

During the next public release of curious Brits asked the Duchess of Cambridge, is there any truth in the widespread rumours. Kate decided to humor to respond to the issue, reports the Daily Express.

Oh, I think William would now be launched very nervous, – joked Kate Middleton, funny denying rumours.

At the same time at the parade on the occasion of St. Patrick’s Day the Duchess of Cambridge came to her parents, who were standing among fans of the Royal family. Kate marveled at the child and openly admitted that he would like the replenishment in the family.

“He’s so cute that even I want. It’s such a special time,” added Kate.

Кейт Миддлтон с юмором ответила на вопрос о четвертом ребенке: детали

Kate Middleton spoke about the fourth child Twitter @KensingtonRoyal

Against the background of discussions about the pregnancy of Kate Middleton, bookmakers have already opened betting. British experts are convinced that Prince William and his lovely wife, will announce fourth child before the end of 2019. And while spouses in every way just kidding on the subject and give hints at the falsity of the information about the planned pregnancy.

Now the Dukes of Cambridge have three children: 5-year-old George, 3-year-old Charlotte and 11-month-old Louis. If Kate Middleton will become a mother, according to the Royal rules, she will not execute the instructions of Kensington Palace and will occasionally participate in social events. But Prince William will continue to perform their duties.